In winter, the extreme cold weakens our metabolism and the skin is the first to suffer from it. Between blisters, redness, itching, irritation and cracks, the epidermis is weakened. However, it is possible to avoid these inconveniences if the right actions are taken on time. The secret for soft skin in winter is hydration with the right products.


The first step to better take care of your skin in all circumstances is cleansing. Clean skin that is free of impurities is less exposed to the fragility caused by the cold. The cleansing milk is then more recommended because it has the advantage of cleaning while moisturizing. In addition, it is preferable to gel and foam, which dry the skin – on the contrary -. Contrary to popular belief, scrubbing should not be banned but should be spaced at least a week apart. The best products for this purpose are those that do not contain many granules and rather prefer those that are rich in natural enzymes scrubbing, preferably enriched with essential oils. Many sites offer product reviews for such natural products.


There are all kinds of moisturizers that can prevent the skin from drying out. The best known is the moisturizing cream, this treatment which no longer needs to be proven has been declined in several forms. Whether it is a day cream or a night cream, it is important not to neglect their application because it is the very basis of a well hydrated skin. When spreading it all over the body, favour the flat of the hand for a better impregnation. It is important to focus on the areas most sensitive to low temperatures such as hands, feet, cheeks and nose. You can test new products similar to the cream such as moisturizing milks or essential oils on mavieencouleurs.fr.


Make-up is not only used to look pretty, we must not forget that it is also beauty products that are used to take care of our skin. This is the case of lip balm, which is essential during the winter season because the lips are the most affected by the cold. Apply as many times as possible in one day, the balm will help you avoid having chapped lips. Foundation is also a small trick that can be used. A few nuts on your face is all it takes for your skin to have an extra protective layer against the cold. If you are not convinced about your complexion, you can always request free samples.