1 week ago, while shopping at Leclerc I came across this varnish on sale at 3.85 euros instead of 5.50 euros! First, it was the Nude colour that attracted me, I hesitated for a while because I prefer varnishes without harmful substances such as the Léa Nature brand, which is organic, or Kure Bazard.

What pushed me to buy was what was written on the packaging « Tenue » and « 7 days » I don’t know about you but personally I don’t like to give varnish every day or almost every day! Or that it’s flaked! So I decided to trust him…

The pluses:

– Easy and very pleasant application thanks to the wide brush that fits the nail well

– The colour is rich in pigments and really gives this « gel » effect!

– It can last up to 7 days if you wear gloves while performing your daily household tasks!

The – :

– Its composition!

In conclusion I have re-cracked today on a new shade so I will say that I like this Maybelline NY Tenue & strong Pro varnish rather well

Pink Ivory 75 / Rouge Couture 287

Feel free to tell me in commentary which brands do you prefer for varnishes?