Candy is so good, yes, but when you look more closely at the composition you wonder if there is something natural in it?!? I pay attention to the composition of the foods in my shopping cart, I am not vegan or vegetarian, I assume that many things are good in the diet when they are consumed in a reasonable way! That’s the message I want to send to my children! And then the gourmet that I am will not be able to completely deprive myself of all these wonderful dishes, pastries and sweets that are part of our French heritage.

So when our friend Soline brought us these candies for dinner, I first thought it was the famous rock ( Ferrero) or chocolate truffles, I was far from imagining that there wasn’t a gram of refined sugar or even chocolate in it! I immediately loved the slightly sweet/chocolate taste (carob powder) and the soft texture.


So I quickly asked her for the recipe, which she also posted on her blog Maman bienveillante (toolbox for caring parents in the Basque Country and Landes).

Here is the recipe for 30 candies:

– 400 gr Medjoul dates

– 2 tablespoons carob powder ( BIO store)

– 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

– For the decor: Grated coconut, cocoa powder ( Van Houten), praline

Stone the dates, put them with the carob powder and coconut oil in a blender, mix for 1 min and place the dough in a bowl.

All that remains is to make small balls with your hands or ask your children’s hands, they will be happy to make them (better than clay according to my daughter) then immerse them in the setting of your choice. I keep them in a bamboo bowl that I film or an airtight box for a few days.

Still in the « vegan » pastries there is also the brownie which is delicious if you are interested in the recipe do not hesitate to tell me, I will be happy to share it with you in a future article.