If I try to be careful with parabens for facial cosmetics it’s not always easy to do it on hair products! I discovered by chance in supermarkets the NaturéMoi products, whose mission is to respect our planet and the water that flows in our rivers! They have a minimal impact on fauna and flora with their 97% biodegradable packaging, free of sulphate, silicone and paraben, all the active ingredients are organic and are grown in the heart of our regions. Lovers of animals: the raw material and the finished product are NOT TESTED on animals! Just for that I say thank you and to top it all off they are made in France!


Their range of shampoos is rather wide, there are some for all types: Coloured and highlighted hair, fine and flat, dry and damaged, normal and oily. I opted for the latter because despite the blond streaks, my roots tend to grease quickly 🙁

The purifying shampoo is made with organic thyme extract and organic lemon from Provence, it has a sebum regulating and purifying effect.

After all these good points, can you imagine how much I was looking forward to going home to wash my hair…

Verdict: The texture is smooth, finally a shampoo without silicone that foams and the perfume is delicate and fresh. After drying, my hair is silky, soft and my roots are perfectly clean. They last easily 2 days without greasing. I am completely satisfied with this purchase which cost me less than 4 euros. I will also discover their range of shower gels soon