I find you today with a "well-being" article that is particularly close to my heart because it concerns SPORT! In fact, since my early childhood, I have been "allergic" to sport, I have never liked it, just the idea of sweating disgusted me! Forced by my parents to practice a sporting activity, I had no choice but to retreat and try several of them, thinking that I would find the one that would give me a taste for effort! From tennis to basketball, I think it was the "modern/jazz" dance that really made me feel better. The age of majority having come, I decided to stop everything!


In 2014, at 29 years old, one year after the birth of our second child, I decided that despite a slender figure, I had to do something firm because 2 pregnancies leave traces even if I have nothing to complain about, I have always lost my kilos of pregnancy and I have had the same weight for 8 years. My motivation and I made a pact to say goodbye to the padding on my thighs, buttocks, and even if it has been with me since my childhood, it is high time to say goodbye to my "little thing". The first step was to find a room in which I could evolve at my own pace and feel comfortable. Once I found this one, I was able to meet a coach with whom we set goals that could be achieved slowly but surely (without disgusting me). The first day is hard, you get aches and pains everywhere the following days but by going there 1 hour a day, I found the rhythm and feeling of well-being that invades you right after a session and so addictive. By practicing a regular sports activity our body secretes endorphins: "It is a group of neurotransmitters whose structure strongly resembles that of morphine. These powerful painkillers provide a source of pleasure allowing the pursuit of great efforts and euphoria, they make the symptoms of blues attacks disappear. Cardio sports produce the most. Practiced for 30 minutes at a pace that is neither easy nor hard, these sports bring a very high rate of endorphin! " (source Fitnext). After 6 months my body strengthened but I had not yet reached the goal I had set for myself. Summer came and we had to move so I didn't take the time to get back to it. In September 2015, after the children returned to school, I thought it was the right time to start again! The room was not hard to find, I chose the one that was the closest to home, so that it would motivate me even more and the family spirit that reigns there would convince me that it was the right one. I think it's important to feel comfortable when you play sports. It's a moment for me to let go, the moment when I'm in "break" mode for the next 45 minutes of classes. I practice the following group classes: FAC (Buttock/abdos/thighs), CX works, body pump and otherwise I do cardio on bike followed by an abdominal and sheathing session (always 45 mins). In October, I celebrated my first full year of sport and you can now imagine how miraculous it is for me as a non-athlete. Now I will not be able to do without it anymore it has become vital! My body has changed the pads are much less present, my stomach is flatter, and my thighs are firmer than before! I have found a new energy, and my mind is stronger. I also pay attention to my diet even if I regularly make deviations but without feeling guilty because I rush to the room the next day to eliminate everything. For those who wish to lose weight, it will of course be necessary to go through the "food rebalancing" box because if you consume as much or more than you spend, you do not shock your body and you do not lose weight. I needed it a few months ago and I talked about it in an article (How to lose 4 kilos in 4 weeks). To those who are still hesitating, I can only encourage you to get started because if I have managed to do so, it is within the reach of anyone! You just need a hint of will, the rest will follow. I hope you liked this article.

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