It has now been several weeks since I opted for make-up removal with coconut oil. After finishing my bottle of castor oil that I used to remove eye makeup (only). Some time ago I bought organic coconut oil to use in cooking, but I couldn’t get rid of my eternal olive oil! We see it everywhere right now in the world of beauty! So, when you know its power against the aging of free radicals you throw yourself at it (especially after the thirties).

I use it mainly to remove make-up from my face, a dab of it is enough, I start with the face, the neck and I end up with the eyes. It removes all make-up even the most stubborn mascara (I use the Diorshow blackout which is particularly hard to remove without even being waterproof)! I soak a cotton pad in water and remove it all, my skin is perfectly cleansed (beware I didn’t say cleaned). I then use the Gecko soap from Clémence et Vivien (about which I have already mentioned HERE) which finalizes my make-up removal. My skin is perfectly clean and soft with a slight coconut smell. I then apply 100% pure Aloe Vera gel found on the Canary Islands (organic production).