If there is one city in the world that makes me dream, it is New York, the place of my favorite series ( Gossip Girl and Sex and the city)! I had set foot there in 2007 with my mother, we had been "tourists" at lightning speed ( 3 days). With the lover, we wanted to go back there with the time to stroll and live in the heart of New York's neighborhoods. For this, we chose a hotel on canal street, in the middle of districts such as NOLITA, SOHO, LITTLE ITALY, CHINATOWN. Of course, we had to make choices because in 4 days no time to visit the whole Big Apple! ny Day 1 Arrival around 4pm at our hotel CITY ROOM NYC-SOHO at 120 lafayette street, the decoration of the reception hall is modern, the staff is welcoming and smiling, the decoration of the room nice with its graffiti above the bed, small and without unnecessary. the price 630 euros for 4 nights. No breakfast but coffee, tea, herbal tea available all day long! ny-1 In the evening we joined some friends who were also passing through Madison Square Park, a kind of public garden where tables and chairs are available, street artists play their music, there is a pleasant atmosphere and you feel good there!  In the middle of the trees, it is the small design kiosk with a green roof of the SHAKE SHACK brand "signed" by the renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer, from which a long line stretches, but this does not discourage us because it seems that it is the best burgers in the city (GMO-free meat, organics chips). The half an hour of waiting is well worth it they are delicious! ny-food A little tour on Times Square is necessary then we settle in an Irish bar with a "rooftop" Connolly's on 121 W 45th st, held by a very nice lady who loves France, rugby and beer, it is with a great kindness that she offers our gentlemen a tour ! Day 2 With jet lag we are up relatively early: 7:00 am heading to the Nolita district to take our breakfast! We came across this small bistro, FIAT CAFE, dedicated to the small Italian car (yes, it's also mine: p). The welcome is very warm and the manager is French YES! I obviously jumped at the opportunity to finally enjoy pancakes with lots of maple syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice and for the lover, Benedict eggs with hollandaise sauce and coffee... a killing! The $30 tips note included enough! ny-food-1 Heading down Broadway to Wall Street to Lower Manhattan, for the must-see visit of Ground 0 and its memorial. It is impressive to see its two large empty basins where huge waterfalls (9 meters high) cascade into them. The symbol is strong! Ny-2 After the visit of the memorial (24$), we go down a little to see the Statue of Liberty. Then we walk around the Greenwich area to walk past the pretty steps of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from the Sex and The City series. ny-3 We continue to the Chelsea district via the High Line, a landscaped promenade along a 1930 overhead railway line. This garden, suspended 10m high, is a real link between the city and nature, and offers a unique perception. It's nice to walk around there hand in hand. visit visit-1 Passing in front of the main station, we decide to look at New York's oldest station, known for its huge Fine Arts hall where millions of hurried New Yorkers take the train every day. When you look up, you can admire the splendid ceiling representing the constellations of the zodiac, which shine through small halogen lamps. 25 m high glass roofs, polished marble, gold-plated chandeliers, chandeliers... Even the windows are works of art! NY-6 There are also many restaurants inside, at the time we wanted to eat Indian food (well I admit it was my desire but I had been dreaming of a curry for months) Impossible to tell you the name written in Indian sorry... But it was good, (very) copious (impossible to finish it) and affordable: 12$ ! Day 3 SOHO Breakfast at Silver Spurs 490 LaGuardia PI (houston corner). We decide to have a hearty one because we don't want to stop for lunch. The tips note included 50$ severe but it was very good and we are satisfied easy until the snack! food-1 A short return to Greenwich to bring back some memories for our children. A short visit to the New York Public Library, built in 1902 in the Art Nouveau style, this building, classified as a National Monument, was worth a look. It has 4.5 million books that can be consulted on site. trip Then we went to Macy's where the lover made sure that the credit card was out of reach! I've drawn it so many times! It was hard to resist, especially during the "SALES"! But I had just bought a pair of -50% UGGs just before. We enjoyed walking around in central park, taking the time to observe the water turtles, the many boats (even there there were almost traffic jams), nostalgically observing the future brides and grooms being photographed... It was relaxing! travel-1 It's dinner time! We decide to go back to Chinatown, and stop in a small canteen at Xi'an Famous Foods 67 Bayard St ( between Mott and Elizabeth) where young gourmet hipsters love to eat there. Fortunately, the photos of the dishes are displayed at the entrance, just give the number to order: EASY! The only downside: they're almost all very spicy...but so good! travel Just opposite a lounge offers an authentic Chinese massage or foot reflexology we choose the latter. The place does not look dark, no decoration but the massage is professional...even tonic! Traffic problem abstain! After 30 minutes each and $45, the feeling of "light legs" is a great help with the 20 km we had covered during the day. On this impulse, we decide to have a drink on a rooftop recommended by the manager of the Fiat Café: "Le Bain" located in the Chelsea district at 848 washington street. This nightclub bar is located at the top of the famous hotel le Standard. And yes, it is in this hotel that the most romantic scenes were shot for some, shocking for others in the film Shame. This luxury hotel overlooks the Highline and at the top, we were able to admire the splendid view of New York! Day 4 B R O O O K L Y N To start the day off right, we have breakfast at Teresa's, run by a Polish family, a historical address in the neighbourhood and we understand why everything is good, fresh and generous! The TC score: 30$ is the best quality/pix since the beginning. We then returned to Manhattan, heading for the Top Of The Rock entrance $29. It is the observatory of the Rockefeller center, located on the 70th floor of the NBC building. The elevator ride is already an attraction (music and special effects on the ceiling). There is still an important control and security system (bag search) and the agent asked us to open ours because he saw bottles and to his great surprise he smiled at us when he saw the bottles of Tabasco, barbecue sauce, and corn syrup #tourists! There is an impressive queue and the agent who is in charge of keeping order does not laugh at all "One by One, Side by side, Security is not funny" repeated strongly in a loop #of the order and the method! In short, the view is magnificent and you can see every building including the Empire State, central park etc... To do! A short snack break at Magnolia Bakery located at the foot of the Rockefeller center. Excellent pastry whose specialty and cupcakes made famous by our Sex and the City friends. cakes Good plan of the evening the visit of WOAgri at 11 W 53st . All Friday nights are free ($25 off) which is not insignificant when you are not an art lover like us! The floor that interested us the most was the 4th, a real artistic orgy led by Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso etc.... board Day 5 Day of Departure A short walk before having our breakfast at the Clinton St Baking Company, for many the best breakfast in NYC. However, we arrived at 8:30 am there was already the queue and it was not possible to book! It's not $27 for 2 plates but very refined. To do! To do! We had an excellent romantic stay in the Big Apple, we will come back one day with pleasure but this time with our children! Because America is huge, we still have so much to discover. Next destination in the USA Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San diego, San francisco...
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