Foot care is just as important as hand care. It is necessary to pay more attention to it, knowing that nail infections are more frequent, this area being much more neglected. Don’t wait until summer comes to apply regular maintenance, because feet are also assets of seduction that should not be underestimated.


Pedicures at the beautician’s can be expensive, especially if you know that after winter you didn’t pay much attention to them. Tired feet, cracked arch, yellowed nails, but no budget? A pedicure session at home is essential, at a lower cost. To do this you need a basic nail kit (file, nail cutter, polisher, pliers), anti-callosity rasps, pumice stone, lemons, cream or moisturizing milk. The calloused feet are not attractive, they send a message of carelessness on your part. A disadvantageous situation, especially if your partner belongs to this category of men who lend the feet a certain fascination.


The first step is the complete cleansing of the skin: it is not enough to simply pass water and soap and then rub. First remove traces of old varnishes. Then deep cleansing involves removing dead skin from the feet. For this purpose, there are many natural recipes that are easy to execute. One of them is to mix the freshly squeezed lemon juice with warm water. Soak the feet for about fifteen minutes and then rub the calluses with a file or an anti-callus rasp. Gently dry the feet with a towel, not to mention the grooves. For other foot scrub tips, you can also visit My Life in Colour.


Once the skin of the feet is as soft as that of babies. The next step is to restore the nails to their original shine. Nail care at home should be easier if the nails are still soft to avoid breakage. When you get out of the bath, there is no real need to soften your toenails. For those who prefer to spend more time on it, it is possible to add essential oils, coarse salt or vinegar to the exfoliation solution to speed up the process. Once the nails are softened, it is not necessary to reach long to cut them, preferably in a regular square so that they do not grow under the skin, and not too short not to hurt you. After polishing the nails, apply a little moisturizing milk and leave overnight under cotton socks to moisturize them: shiny result guaranteed.

Boosting your femininity

To boost her femininity, it will be necessary to adopt a style that suits her morphology. To assume femininity, it is crucial to accept your body. It will be necessary to assume its qualities and shortcomings.

Diet and diet

To keep your skin young, you need to eat certain foods. Eat eggs, spinach, avocados, salmon, blueberries, broccoli, nuts, oranges, mushrooms and liver. Indeed, the trick to keeping skin young is to change your eating habits.

Cleaning of the skin

To cleanse your face of all types of impurities, you must complete a few steps: wash your hands thoroughly, remove make-up, remove toxins with cleansing oil and water, rinse with hot water.