The school year (of the children) has already passed, but mine begins today because for me all good resolutions start on the first day of the week: MONDAY! So, I decided to continue to: Go to the gym as often as possible (minimum 4 times) Never stop reading, it relaxes me and clears my head Always try to do one or more "green" gestures to maintain our planet ( selective sorting, riding a bike instead of a car, carpooling, making your own natural household products, buying second-hand as soon as possible, selling or giving instead of throwing away, growing your own vegetables in a vegetable garden etc.... There are so many things you try to do every day, even if it is not perfect even if you can still do more, I tell myself that it is always better than doing nothing at all! Drink a squeezed lemon juice every morning for all the benefits it brings me ( article here) Take time for me (shopping, hairdresser, parties with friends) Take life as it comes and enjoy it because it passes quickly! Love people who are close to me and for whom I have a deep respect (mutual love warms the heart, heals wounds, and heals many ills) Set objectives and do everything possible to achieve them Eat a balanced diet, but allow me to make small deviations from time to time To be as I am simply (by improving certain points), whole, raw formwork, impulsive, sensitive... notebook For the news it's decided I'm going: To think before speaking, it is true that I tend to say what I think out loud but that is my "whole" side sometimes I can hurt ( without wanting to) by choosing my words wrongly and then I regret it, so I feel bad and it is a disaster! Luckily, the people close to me know me and take it into consideration, but that's no excuse... You can always improve. Not taking everything to heart is very hard for me, I have to learn to step back, try to understand before my emotions take over, it plays tricks on me very often, in all this I know that there are childhood wounds you just have to know how to overcome them to be able to change. Try to publish more often ( I have the ideas but I am a perfectionist so sometimes the ideas exceed my skills) Try meditation, it seems to be good for the mind and ideal for fighting stress, so I will try it daily so I can tell you whether it has influenced me in a future article Becoming optimistic, I often tend to see the bad side of something rather than the good! If something doesn't go as I planned, it disturbs me and then nothing goes well, fortunately my husband is, so daily it helps me a lot and I try to take an example from him. Find the motivation to finish the program of the Cellublue Wonder body guide, 12 weeks of training with programs at home including 3 cardio sessions from 30′ indoors (or outdoors) per week. Firming up, refining the silhouette For the moment I have set myself these 7 objectives, with small daily efforts I hope to achieve them very quickly. And do you have any good resolutions for this new school year? If so, which ones?

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