I have always been interested from afar in essential oils, my first bottle is Tea Tree essential oil to dry acne pimples! Then the grapefruit one that I mix with neutral oil for its effect against cellulite. Knowing their powers, many are prohibited for children under 3 years of age. So I patiently waited until our daughter reached that age to further my research. I was also looking for an essential oil diffuser but with the choice that is offered... I was lost! While walking on the web I came across the site "La Compagnie des Sens". And what a nice surprise! Finally, a functional site with clear, simple and in-depth explanations. The history of the Compagnie des Sens was born in the southeast of Madagascar. While Theophane was involved in a humanitarian project (reforestation), it was in this eco system in the middle of the humid climate and lush vegetation that he discovered essential oils. And when the Malagasy offered to treat him with it, he was able to see their immediate effects, it was at that moment that he understood that essential oils were part of these natural medicines that are not gentle. dvs-h-1 Back in France with a few vials in his pocket, he jumped on the web to find out about the scientific literature surrounding this subject, but he was very disappointed with what he could find there! It was at this moment that the idea of the Compagnie des Sens was born, whose role is to bring the essential oils sector within everyone's reach. It is a socially responsible and committed company (33% of the profits are donated to charity, the oils are distilled on site by the grower, tests are then carried out by an external laboratory) he wishes to humanize the web, everyone participates in the development of the order from the beginning to the sending of the package. The sharing value is very important within the team. They did not hesitate to trust a young Down's syndrome patient who recently joined the team and who brings them a lot of they never lose their main objective.: Give meaning to what you do! dvs-h I was immediately seduced by their company which does not fail to answer you on the phone with sympathy and professionalism! To come back to broadcasters there are so many choices with 4 broadcast technologies: Nebulizer diffusers (the one I'm going to talk about) Diffusers by misting or ultrasound Soft heat diffusers Ventilation diffusers I can't describe them all it would be too long I put the link directly to you you will find all the explanations on How to choose its diffuser of essential oils? Wishing to diffuse essential oils in the living room (about 50 m2), I had to find a rather powerful one. I came across this difuser by ONA nebulization, well I admit it is first of all its design that caught my attention, moreover it is biodegradable (made from bamboo fiber, pine and corn from New Zealand. The colour tones are obtained by natural colour pigments, and its glassware is entirely mouth blown. Its high technology by cold nebulization offers it a better diffusion of essential oils in the air, in order to perfectly preserve all their benefits. Very powerful it is effective for rooms up to 100 m2 and its electronic dimmer allows to regulate its diffusion power. Upon receipt, the verdict and without appeal, it spreads perfectly throughout the room, the fact of being able to adjust the intensity and very practical the only small flat is that it makes a little noise but it is very bearable! I like to diffuse at the end of the day fine lavender essential oil and green mandarin for their calming and soothing effects ideal for children! Essential oils should be used with caution, for any questions contact a professional or a pharmacist. Which essential oil diffusers do you use?

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